WHR and Affiliated Resorts - Arizona

Camp Verde RV Resort

Camp Verde RV Resort is located in the very heart of the Arizona region, where pine forests, broad valleys, and scenic canyons abound. It is bordered by the Verde River, which feeds a lush greenbelt in this land of mountains, desert, and red-rock canyons. The climate is arid, the summer days often cooled by monsoons rains. Winters on the valley floor are mild.

Casa Grande RV Resort

This resort is located in the heart of Arizona’s Golden Corridor, in an area where guests can explore the spectacular Southwest. The resort boasts the finest activities and entertainment program in the RV universe.

Colorado River Oasis

Thoughts of the desert usually call to mind images of dry and shifting sand, not coursing waterways, lush greenery, and enduring monuments. The area of southwest Arizona around the Colorado River Oasis RV Park, where desert and mountains call to each other and share the water, heralds an amazing juxtaposition of the expected and unexpected, the typical and the unique, challenging all preconceptions.

St. David RV Resort

Visitors to this southeastern Arizona resort can enjoy the arid weather at an elevation of 3,500 feet. With the resort’s twin lakes and five artesian springs, relaxation comes almost automatically. St. David RV Resort promises stunning sunsets and sunrises, desert landscapes that come to brilliant life each spring, Old West history (just up the road a piece from historic Tombstone), and a combination of popular amenities and friendly style.